4 comments on “Winter Vacation 2011 – Part 4

  1. hey dad, great photos. sounds like a fun time (other than the seasickness!). question, do you take notes when you’re on trips like this, cuz some of these blog entries seem quite detailed…

  2. Steev,
    Yep, we have a moleskin notebook for travel notes so we can remember the details. Plus the photos with the Amod track for geotagging. I will put up a map later if I get a chance.

  3. Hi Tom & Jan,
    Great pictures and reading your blog is like taking the trip all over again. Really did enjoy meeting you two and look forward to continuing the trip with you.
    Take care,

  4. As Judy said it was just like taking the trip all over again. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all. The exceptional feature of these Windstar cruises is the special people you meet and get to know. We did indeed have some wonderful, thoughtful conversations and shared some great experiences – even the failed wake-up call! Looking forward to the next installments!

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