Hot Tub

(This is old news but I thought it might interest some readers)
When we were avid skiers one of our apr├Ęs-ski delights was a soak in a hot tub. Soon after we moved into our current house we decided we would get one of our own. Where to put it turned out to be a minor problem. Finally we decided to turn an unused attic space into a room specifically for the hot tub.

First it was necessary to reinforce the floor below the room to carry the weight (approximately 1 ton) of water the tub would hold. Next we finished the room with sky light windows, a vent fan and water resistant floor, paneling and sheet rock.

The big problem was: How to get the tub into the room? As you can see from this picture, it’s pretty large. Bigger than the door to the room and even too large to carry up the stairs.

Hot Tub

The only option was to cut a hole in the side of the house big enough to bring it in. Here is my son Steev and me, removing siding from the house.

Making a hole

Since the tub would be on the second story of the house, it was necessary to have a way to get it up to that level. The garage was adjacent to the house and at the proper height so I built a ramp up to the garage roof. We could then carry the hot tub up the ramp and slide it through the hole.
Up the ramp

In she goes

After that I only had to close up the hole in the wall, set the tub in its skirt, connect the power and fill it with water. All that took a few days and then it was ready for use. Here is (r-l) my sister, Sarah, with her children Jana and Jason, all enjoying the water.


Despite all of the work I think this is one of the best improvements we have made to the house. We use it frequently, in all seasons but it is particularly great on cold snowy winter days.

3 comments on “Hot Tub

  1. Your convincing me that the hot tub would be MUCH better than on inground swimming pool was one of the best things you have done during our lives together (with best being your marrying me). We certainly use it at least three or four times a week, especially on cold/drippy days like today, so it has more than paid for itself.

  2. What a job that was! Our Hot Tub was on our deck at the Holiday Island house. We miss it a lot. We’ll either pull it out of our deal or get another when the house sells. Indoors would be awesome!