We made it to Fairbanks today (from Copper Center).  I am using the hotel computer, as our laptop is still very ill.  We had a great drive up here through some beautiful country.  Saw moose along the way plus some very beautiful lakes and mountains.  I’ll put up pictures when I get home.

 Tomorrow we fly off to Prudhoe Bay.  Takeoff at 8:30am.  I’m pretty sure we won’t have Internet access but we will be back in Fairbanks on Thursday night and I’ll check in again then.

 Besides the computer problems, all is going well.  Wish I could share more with you all.

2 comments on “Fairbanks

  1. As we used to say as kids in Temperance: “Drat the luck!”

    I’m sure there’s a good lesson to be learned from all of this, and a silver lining in the cloud but right now I’m at a loss to see either.

    Good to have your updates nonetheless and know you and your bride are enjoying yourselves.

  2. Tom & Jan are in Denali National Park, doing well, but without Internet connection.

    Tom called and asked I relay his and Jan’s good times to this blog which I do with good pleasure.