Winter Vacation 2011 – Part 5

We arrived at St. Barths around 8:00 am and anchored out in the harbor.  St. Barths is a wealthy island and some of the most spectacular and expensive ships come here. Here is our sister ship, the Wind Surf which was also in the harbor.  Anchored a short distance from the Wind Spirit was, what is called the most expensive yacht in the world. It’s simply named Yacht A.

The island is also well known among aircraft pilots for it’s tricky and demanding airport.  Here are some Google Images of the airport – note that the end of the runway goes right into the sea!

That morning Jan, I and two new friends Romaine and Warren caught one of the first tenders to the dock so we could take a taxi tour of the island.  One striking thing was everything seemed clean and in good repair, a contrast to other islands.  The taxi ride was spectacular.  Here is a map showing where we went that day.

Here is one of the many beach resorts on the island.  All of them looked like they were a minimum of four stars.   Probably quite expensive too.

And here is one of the smaller villages with a great view of the surf and a neighboring island.

Off one of these beaches there was a windsurfer doing his thing.  It looks like fun but I doubt my old body could take it. After the tour Jan, Romaine and Warren all wanted to go shopping but I decided to return to the ship, get a beer by the pool and read.

This was the night when Jan and I had reservations  at ‘Candles’, for a meal on deck with just the two of us.  We were hoping for a romantic evening but the ambient light on the ship spoiled the effect somewhat.

The next day was to be our Catamaran/Snorkel excursion.