Winter Vacation 2011 – Part 3

Jost van Dyle is a small island with about 140 residents and only got electricity in 1991 .  The locals say “The Main Street is the Beach.” We had visited there around 20 years ago and we were anxious to see how it had changed.  Here’s the Wind Spirit anchored in Great Bay.

We had no excursions scheduled for that day so Jan and I decided to hike up to one of the high points that overlooks a spectacular white sandy beach called White Bay.   As we started out we passed this interesting place.  Click on the thumbnail so you can read the sign.

We had started out fairly early but it became quite warm and the climb was strenuous.     When we got to the top we really could not see the Bay because of trees lining the road.  So we kept going…

Eventually we got to the bay and, more importantly, a beach bar called The Soggy Dollar. The name came about because the shallow water prevents direct landing of boats there and so the sailors would swim ashore to get a beer, getting their money wet in the process.  We had some much needed beer and then found a taxi to take us back to Great Bay where the ship was anchored.

We had the cab drop us off at Foxy’s Bar, which was one of the few places that was on Jost van Dyke when we had been there earlier.  There were a number of other people from the ship there already and we joined up with a group of them.  From left to right; standing Judy, Ginni and Jan; sitting Romaine, Warren and me.  This picture was taken with Romaine’s camera and used with her permission.

More to come.

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  1. Hi Tom, really am enjoying this blog! It is nice to see the pics. Am looking forward to seeing the rest!