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Akismet is a very good tool for blocking comment spam on WordPress blogs. It has blocked more than 550 spam comments on my blog alone. Unfortunately it recently decided my URL was a spam site and started blocking my comments on other peoples blogs (notably those of Leo and Alice .) It even blocks my comments here if I include my URL! I’ve tried contacting Akismet and tried marking my comments as “not spam” but so far nothing has helped.

If you have a WordPress blog that I often comment on, please check to see if any of my posts have been blocked by Akismet and mark them “not spam.”

You can do this by going to the WordPress Dashboard (by clicking Site Admin) then under the Spam heading click the link on the number of comments blocked. If any of my comments are trapped, please check Not Span and then click the box that unblocks the checked items. This should, supposedly, train Akismet so that it stops blocking my posts. Posts marked spam are only kept for 15 days so you probably need to do this every couple weeks to make sure there aren’t other false positives.

Thanks in advance.