Storm of 7/11/11

Last night we were woken by the weather radio at about 3am and continued to get alerts for hours after.  Around 5am the emergency warning sirens went off and Jan and I took to the basement. We had very high winds, some say up to 80 mph.

After the storm had passed our yard looked like a war zone.  We lost at least 12 large pines, some 12″ in diameter and ~40′ tall. They were slapped down like they were balsa wood.  Patio furniture was scattered all over the yard.  The glass topped patio table is a twisted wreck with broken glass scattered around.


Our favorite tree, a maple just off our deck, was broken off 3′ above the ground.

The back yard was nearly as bad with many trees down and debris everywhere.




We are, at the moment, without power and I am running this PC off our generator which also allows us to keep the refrigerator and freezer cold (though we have to alternate power to one or the other.)  The radio says 40,000 people in the area are also without power.

The only damage to our house itself was some aluminum flashing that was torn off and a piece of siding pulled loose.  All my antennas look intact (save one wire antenna hit by a falling tree) and my tower and outbuildings are also fine.

Here is a link to pictures of other area places damaged in this storm.  (Note: I don’t know for how long this link will be valid.)

I’ll update if anything changes.

6 comments on “Storm of 7/11/11

  1. Our house was spared and we were not injured so we are very happy people! Of course, once we start the clean up, think our moods will change?? <:)

  2. Thank goodness it wasn’t any worse and that both of you are ok. I was amazed when I watched the news and saw all the pictures from around the area. We only had a couple of very small branches down here.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. My goodness! We saw that storms were going through Iowa but not know that anything like this happened! Glad that you two and the house are all right but so sorry you lost that beautiful maple tree and all the pines.

  4. as your adjustor for scamya elchepo unsurance I have determined your loss was an act of GOD and therefore not eligibvle for any claims.


    I M JIP


  5. Tom & Jan, Like others commenting here have said, I’m thankful you two weren’t injured. I mourn the loss of your trees, especial that beautiful maple near your patio.

    Hope your power is restored soon but I celebrate you have that generator to bridge the gap.

    Be careful during clean-up. Neither of you (or me for that matter) has the immortality nor superpowers of youth…. and besides, chainsaws are dangerous things when not in the hands of professionals.