Tucson Spring Trip, Part 4

On Thursday morning we drove to Oracle, AZ to tour Biosphere2 ; a facility created to better understand how natural environments create habitable conditions for human sustainability. It contains recreations of five of Earth’s biomes, plus a human habitat and a large ecological experiment facility.  It is currently managed by the University of Arizona.    Tom and Steev even helped with the Green Roof experiment.

After returning to Tucson, we went back to our motel where we swam and sat by the pool (in the shade).  Steev and Greta prepared us another great meal that evening.  Because we were getting up early the morning to depart, we said our ‘good byes’ to all three.

After leaving Tucson, we drove another 1165 miles through two time zones to Bella Vista, Arkansas where we spent three nights with our friends, Joyce & George Sheldon.  We arrived back home on Tuesday, March 22, after driving a total of 3240 miles.  A good way to ‘break’ our new truck in!  It was a great trip with lots of beautiful scenery, history, good food, great conversations, and fantastic weather.