Winter Vacation 2011 – Part 6

We were spending two days in St. Barths so we had time on the second day to go on a Catamaran snorkel expedition.  We left the ship at 8:30 am and headed for the dock where the catamaran was waiting.  The boat had to zigzag through all the anchored yachts in the harbor and eventually we got close to the Wind Spirit.   Here I am on the bow of the boat with the big ship in the background.

We had a bit of a sail before getting to the bay where we were to snorkel.   Along the way we saw more of the huge, fancy yachts.  We also had a brief rain shower which was not a problem except worry about cameras getting wet.  Finally we anchored and people got ready to get into the water.  Here I am in the water with the snorkel gear.

There were refreshments on the catamaran, from rum punch to water with several types of beer available too.  Here’s Jan enjoying a Heineken.

At the same time we were on the catamaran, other cruise passengers were taking an excursion on “The Yellow Submarine”  It’s sort of a glass bottomed boat except it has a very deep draft and the underwater parts are all glass.  Those who went really had a good time and,  unlike a true submarine, it was no problem for those who were claustrophobic.

We were due to stay in St Barths harbor until 10:30 pm that evening before sailing back to St. Martin.

Since we were supposed to be off the ship early Saturday morning we didn’t take part in much of the ‘last day at sea’ action that evening.  Also for the same reason we had decided to take bus a tour of St Martin once ashore.    The tour made a couple stops in shopping areas on the island.  In one place I found this teddy bear who sums up our feelings pretty well.

At another stop we had time to enjoy the beach one last time.  This was the place where many of the larger cruise ships come in and had lots of interesting shopping.  Though we didn’t go in I found this shop rather intriguing.   Here are a couple of pictures of the beach and area around the bay.  One is a para-saill up a long way off the water.

Finally, here is a shot of the beach area itself which seems to stretch along the shore for a mile or more with bars, shops and restaurants all along the way.

Finally we returned to our hotel, the same one we had stayed at before our cruise.  Fellow passenger Ginni was also staying at the hotel and flying out on the same flight that we were.  We decided to go out for a nice dinner down by the harbor and picked a place called La Tropicana.  We had a very pleasant dinner and retired early as we had to leave for the airport at 6:00 am.

The trip home went smoothly and it appeared that much of the deep snow from before we left was gone.   It was nice to be home again.

5 comments on “Winter Vacation 2011 – Part 6

  1. Wasn’t it a great cruise, hon?? And you did a great job of putting our adventures on your blog…it is always nice to have a record for any future ‘discussions’ <:)! Let's go again next year!

  2. Sounds like you both had a great time! Makes me want to visit all those wonderful places! Hope Joe and I can make a trip like this. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us!

  3. Loved the blogs.
    You did a great job of capturing our Island adventures. Will use you Blogs and add itinary to my Photo Album.

  4. Tom & Jan, the entire telling was first rate although I found just reading it pretty exhausting.

    Put me down as one who is thrilled at the pleasures it gave you, Jan, and your new cruise friends, but color me happy it was you and not me. I think I’d have wanted a flight home to my comfort zone after the first day wondering where all the money would come from for the eating out and the shopping, much less the cruise itself!

    But then, we both live if very different financial worlds. *sigh*

  5. Absolutely beautiful pictures, Tom! I’ve heard the wonderful stories from Jan about your trip but actually seeing the pictures to go along with them was great! Thanks for sharing!