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     The purpose of this page is rather vague.   When I do something that I think is neat or may interest someone else, I put it up here.   It is very much a work in progress.   Parts are somewhat graphics intensive so anyone on a slow connection, take warning.  I also try to keep the HTML pretty basic so it can work with as many browsers as possible.

My Blog

Link to my blog Anyone can read but you'll need to provide a name an email address to comment.  Most new content will be posted here.

(Not so) Recent Trips

Windjammer (Flying Cloud) March 21-27,1999
Our 25th Anniversary trip (Bora-Bora)
New Zealand January 12-27, 2004
England & Scotland - July 22-August 8, 2005 (also Interaction/Worldcon Glasgow)
Wind Star Cruise / Panama Canal 2007


Insect and Other Wildlife Pictures
San Antonio Zoo
The Great Texas Birthday Party - 2005
Pictures with Sony Mavica CD-1000
Lunar Eclipse–May 15, 2003
Lunar Eclipse - November 8, 2003
Olio - a place for small odds and ends. Updated 01/26/06

SF Convention Pictures

NASFIC 1999 Trip Report
Chicon 2000 (Worldcon)
Millennium Philcon (Worldcon 2001)
ConJose (Worldcon 2002)
Conestoga pictures: 2000 , 2001
TorCon 3 (Worldcon 2003)
Noreascon 4 (Worldcon 2004)
Interaction (Worldcon 2005)
NASFic/Tuckercon/Archon31 (2007)



Vera Nazarian SF and fantasy author.
Keith Stokes SF fan and photographer.


ARRL US national association for Amateur Radio
Sky & Telescope amateur astronomy
SF Convention List

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