This is the airport at Papatee. Notice the sleigh and reindeer Christmas decorations.
When we arrived at Tahiti we discovered we had a 5 hour wait before the next flight to Bora-Bora. The temperature was about 85F° and the humidity very high.
Here is Jan checking out the local beer, Hinano, which was very welcome.
One of the first things we noticed were the flowers everywhere.
For more flowers follow this link.

While wandering around, waiting for our plane,
we spotted these interesting sculptures in front of the main entrance.

There was one pleasant thing about missing our original flight to Bora-Bora. While waiting for the next plane we found the most wonderful little French cafe hidden away behind the fast-food cafeteria. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures but you can find the place if you look. It was called Rose Des Vents (Roses on the Wind?). We had a nice, leisurely lunch there with a few glasses of wine and enjoyed it immensely. Great service, friendly people, nice atmosphere. It looked like the place where locals go for a nice business lunch. Just a tip for anyone else with time to kill at the Papeete airport.

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