The Killer Outrigger and
Miscellaneous Pictures

One of the "Killer" outrigger canoes. Jan and I paddled all around the resort in one for an afternoon. The guy in charge of the boats warned us that they were difficult to paddle but we assured him that we had done a lot of canoeing. (I can row, canoe?) After about an hour we managed to tip over in the most visible place possible, right in front of the restaurant! Fortunately we didn't have anything with us that could be hurt by a dunking, except our pride.

Jan enjoying the swimming pool. The pool was built so it was nearly invisible unless you were right next to it. It was odd to see it brim full of water. In fact there was a catch drain over the edge and the water recirculated.

Here I am at the little beach restaurant next to the pool. This was a good place for lunch and you could get a cold beer or glass of wine most of the day.

Here is Jan in the same restaurant. (Couldn't show myself with a beer without including her with a glass of wine.)

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