Island Tour

The tour van and the driver who took us around Bora Bora. There is only one road (about 20 miles long) that follows the perimeter of the island.
You can see something that looks like a mailbox at the left of this picture. In fact, it is a bread box that the local bakery uses for delivery of fresh bread twice a day. (There is no mail delivery.)

This is Povai Bay which is actually the crater of the volcano which formed Bora Bora
Our guide pointed out one of the "fishing dogs" who have learned to catch fish out in the shallow lagoon. He claimed that because they can feed themselves this way, there are as many dogs as people on Bora Bora.

(The population is just over 6000 people.)

Even though there is relatively little in the way of shopping and activities outside of the resorts, cruise ships still stop at the island.
This is the famous Bloody Mary's restaurant. We were there in mid-afternoon so it wasn't exceptionally crowded.

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