UK - 2005
Photos by Tom & Jan Hise
Page created 01/25/2006

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London Police Westminister
Changing of the
Guards Band
Changing of
the Guards
0723053116T 0723053122T 0723053352T 0723073629J
Changing of
the Guards
Buckingham Palace Horse Guards Parliament
& Big Ben
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BA London Eye River Thames View International
Globe Centre
S.V. Golden Hinde
0723080413T 0723080538J 0723080734T 0723081811J
Modern London
Tower Bridge Tower of London Rich & Tower
0723085826T 0723100726T 0723104804T 0723113225J
Beefeater Bear Tower of London St. Paul's
BA London Eye
0723113659T 0723113802T 0723114121T 0723114210T
BA London
Eye scene
Charing Cross
Station from
London Eye
London Buildings
from London Eye
Big Ben

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