Nasty Weather

We had some very nasty weather last night. Heavy rain, high winds, lots of lightning. Really lots of lightning. Power went out around 6pm and I got the generator out around 7:30. We took some nearby lightning hits. This morning I am assessing the damage:

-My Linux box is dead. With luck it’s just a power supply.
-The computer I use with my ham radio stuff is also dead.
-Jan’s computer boots but can’t connect to the network.
-My computer also will boot but looks as if its Ethernet card is dead.
-The router is fried.
-Our satellite TV box is also dead.
-The phones upstairs and in my office are dead.
-Answering machine is dead.

Lots of electronics still unchecked – could be more damage. Haven’t gone out to my observatory yet to see what happened out there.

At least it is all stuff that can be replaced and I’ve got the laptop to get online. No visible damage to the house and, other than lack of sleep, Jan, I, and Itty are all fine.

Hope this is the end of the T-storms around here!

When I get a chance I’ll post some pictures of the flooding and other damage around here.

2 comments on “Nasty Weather

  1. At least we don’t have the damage like the folks in Parkersburg after a tornado went through the town or La Motte where every home in town has been flooded….we are SO lucky!