Wind Star 2007 (4)


This page created 12/18/07

Submarine at Aruba Because of the weather and unavailabality of rental cars we decided to take the Atlantas Submarine tour. I was a little skeptical of this but it turned out to be a wonderful adventure. Here is the submarine just after it broke the surface.

The inside of the submarine was much roomier than I expected with nice large portholes, comfortable seating and air conditioning. Submarine interior
Fish There were fish everywhere but it was hard to get good photos of through the portholes. This picture had to be processed a bit to compensate for the lighting under water but the color of the fish is fairly accurate.

The area where the submarine was operating is around an artificial reef made by sinking old aircraft. There were at least a dozen of them down there that we saw and I suspect there were more. Sunken aircraft artificial reef
Maximum depth 130 feet I never dreamed I would ever be this far under water and live to tell about! It was rather eerie but exciting too.

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