I plan to update this section frequently with odd little bits and things people have asked to see. I'll use it for stuff where I don't want to create a complete sub-section.

This page created June 19, 2005

The big project for Spring 2005 has been Jan's long dreamed of pond.

Here is a view of the pond from the deck - close enough that the sound of the waterfalls is very audible.

This picture was taken before the landscaping was complete and the pond plants put in.

We decided not to put in any expensive Koi as there are raccoons and other critters out here which may find them a tasty snack. These are just department store goldfish but they are (so far) thriving.
Already the pond has attracted some natural visitors. We heard the frogs singing one evening so and I went out to see if I could get a picture. This one never stopped singing, even when the flash went off.

This is the ruler of the house ItBitKit (Itty). She is very happy that warm weather has arrived and has been racing around the property burning up excess energy.
I recently got a new telescope (Meade LX-200 10") and it came with a small web-cam type of imager. The other night (06/17/2005) we had a clear sky so I decided to try photographing Jupiter. The result here is not great but I'm pleased as a first try.

If you look carefully you can see two of the Galilean satellites to the left. I think they are Europa and Io.

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