Chicon 2000 Page 4

More misc Photos of the SFWA Musketeers

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 Vera Nazarian & Lillian S. CarlVera Nazarian & Elizabeth Moon
 Vera Nazarian & Elizabeth MoonKristine Smith
 L-R, Madeline, Kristine, Vera (standing), Laura, Delia, BrendaKathleen Jones, Melanie Miller Fletcher, Elizabeth Moon, Tom ?, Selina Rosen
 Selina RosenFood Fight

 David WatsonSelina, Elizabeth & Melanie
 David Watson & Selina RosenDavid & Selina
 L-R Lillian S Carl, Madeline Robins, Kristine Smith, Laura Underwood, Vera Nazarian, & Brenda CloughVera, Tom (with chickens), Melanie & Elizabeth
 Madeline Robins & Elizabeth Moon